Welcome to Lipedema Network Canada! Our Mission is to spread awareness about Lipedema to the medical profession across Canada and to educate the general public about this misunderstood disease, and to help women with Lipedema get the support they need for a proper diagnosis and care.

Lipoedema is a chronic and progressive disorder of the adipose tissue. It’s often called painful fat syndrome, and it mainly affects women (though there are some cases of male sufferers). Its marked by the abnormal storage and distribution of subcutaneous fat in the legs and sometimes arms. Lipoedema can occur at any age, with newer research showing that the disease generally manifests itself during puberty, pregnancy or other times of hormonal change.It is thought that genes play a role, although more research is desperately needed into this disease.


Symptoms of Lipedema

  • Weight is gained disproportionately on hips and thighs and below knee. This is usually bilateral (affects both sides) and symmetrical (occurs evenly)
  • The feeling of fatty ‘nodules’ underneath the skin
  • Bruising occurs easily and is often unexplained
  • Legs are sensitive to touch
  • Deep throbbing pain in legs, pain in knee joints
  • Legs feel heavy and swell throughout the day (especially after long periods of standing or sitting) but resolve overnight
  • Fat on legs looks dimpled like “orange peel “ and legs may feel cold to the touch
  • Lipedema fat does not respond to dieting

If you suffer from Lipedema or suspect you may have it we are here to support you.

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