Lipedema Friendly Fashion

We are happy to offer some comfy Buskins Leggings and Maxi Skirts that are generous in size to fit our sexy curves!

BE SURE TO USE OUR REFERRAL CODE #sherrylynn upon checkout!
We appreciate the support!

  • Leggings Women’s Plus Size (One Size) – Fit average size 14-20
  • Maxi Skirts come up to 3XL in some styles

Please check our store to see what is in stock at the time you order.

Free Shipping Available!

CANADA: Free shipping on orders up to 2lbs with UPS Mail Innovations. (Shipping Times range 7-14 business days.)

USA: All Domestic orders can ship FREE using UPS Mail Innovations. (Shipping times range 5-10 business days.

Here is a glimpse at what you will find that is Lipedema friendly:



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