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13631461_10153599892871260_5296896793067117419_nRed Deer, Alberta

Erica Thompson

Erica struggled with her weight since early childhood, after a routine course of medication caused unexpected and rapid weight gain. Having always been considered obese, she attributed her painful legs to the excess weight she carried. In 2014, she began a weight training regime and, by 2015, she had lost well over 100 pounds. Despite her significant weight loss, the overall size and shape of her legs remained relatively unchanged. In June 2015, Erica was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lipedema.

Since her diagnosis, Erica has been very active in educating both health care providers and local government officials about Lipedema and the struggles women face who are afflicted with the disease.

Erica and her husband have two beautiful young daughters. She is not willing to allow her children to potentially have the same struggles she did growing up with undiagnosed Lipedema. Erica is hopeful that, by spreading awareness of Lipedema, conservative treatments and surgical options, that no young women will suffer due to a lack of diagnosis, including her own children.

Erica has stepped up to be our Fitness Educator and shares fitness tips based on her own personal 100 lb weight loss journey!



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